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Title The Use of XHTTP as a More Effective and Efficient Way to Apply Knowledge: Transitioning from Core Knowledge to Knowledge Objects
Short Description Out of our concern about the hugeness of 'the web' we illustrate the construction of core knowledge via XHTTP to achieve knowledge simplicity
Longer Description Arising out of our involvement with the US IEEE LOM (Learning Object Metataging), our participation in constructing the US ALA (American Library Association) RDA (Resources and Descriptors Access), and over thirty years of transitioning lay descriptions of knowledge to operational definitions, we at MIT and CITS (Center for Information, Technology & Society) have successfully attained "Knowledge Simplicity."
Building on the work of Ross Ashby, Russell Ackoff and others, we describe how true knowledge objects can be constructed using extensions of HTTP, and contrast this to the current constructions at the XHTML/XML level which we find only increases knowledge noise.
And, to convey this simplicity we will present a series of demonstrations, expanding from a demo recently presented at the SITE/AACE (Society for Information Technology in Education) called 'What is the Common Ground between TCPK (Technological Pedagogical Content Knowledge) and Learning Objects.'
Stream Technology in Education
Knowledge Focus Practice Focus
Keywords Semantic Web, W3C, MIT/CMS, CITS, Learning Objects, Knowledge Objects, Pedagogical Objects, HTTP, XHTML, XML, LOM, RDA, XHTTP, IEEE, IEEE LTSC, IEEE LTSC P1484, ALA, TCPK, Knowledge Simplicity, Operational Definition, Cybernetics, Systems Theory, General Systems Theory
Presentation 30 minute Paper Presentation in English
Equipment none
Dr. Curtiss Priest (
This is the 1st named author. This is you.
Affiliation Director, Center for Information, Technology & Society (CITS), Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)
Location Cambridge, MA, USA
Attending yes
Biography The author was cited by Newsweek as one of the "fifty people who matter most on the Internet" and is the inventor of RSS/Readers (see US patent 5,167,011) a.k.a. Web 2.0 In 1972 Dr. Priest built on the work of HG Wells (World Brain, 1938) in an RPI dissertation, "The Need and Value of Restructuring Human Communication Systems." Throughout his career he has advanced the state of knowledge systems and created knowledge management systems, in part at the MIT Center for Policy Alternatives. Dr. Priest is currently affilated with the MIT Comparative Media Studies Program and his more recent work involves creating learning tools to advance K-12 learning using web-based resources. As Director of CITS, Dr. Priest has testified before the US Congress and written framework papers for the Congressional Office of Technology Assessment on issues of intellectual property, the engineering workforce, and the role of the Federal government in enhancing K-12 education.
Phone 00 1 781 662 4044

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