Humanic Systems Co. (HSC)

Founded in 1972, Humanic Systems provides two services:

  1. Electronic prototype development and support, often microprocessor-based, with products required for specific projects
  2. Peer-to-Peer (P2P) software for the Internet
  3.       History:
  4. DIY (do-it-yourself) instructions and resources to promote equipment reuse and to aid self-sustainability for this planet.  For various DIY "technical notes" on  web servers, computers, and electronics click Here

The Chief Engineer of HSC is W. Curtiss Priest, PhD (of Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, RPI).  Dr. Priest is currently also a Research Affiliate at MIT, Coordinator for Advanced Innovative Projects at the Charles River Museum of Industry (CRMI), and Director of the Center for Information, Technology & Society (CITS).

Dr. Priest is a member of IEEE and was cited as "one of the fifty people who most matter on the Internet (Newsweek, 1996).  HSC clients include Verizon, GTE, Digital Equipment Corp. (DEC) and Polaroid.  P2P patents are licensed to Microsoft, Qualcomm, Sony, and others.  One P2P innovation involved linking K-12 students to online mentors based on the content of the student-viewed-web page.

HSC laboratories are located in Melrose, MA (USA).  To provide customers with low cost products and services, HSC pioneers in identifying and combining existing technologies, where the effort to achieve a new result is minimized.  This process of "not reinventing the wheel" provides rapid prototyping for customers.

One of HSC's current developments involves medical devices and monitoring.

Inquires should be directed to Dr. Priest.