Communicating for a Sane World

COMIC BOOK SERIESTurning to Warriors at a Time Like This
Center For Information, Technology & Society

We live in a soulless time.  Lets change that.

Volume I:  Turning to Warriors at a Time Like This

Liner Notes (a project from August 2008 to November 2008)

From the Introduction:

At a similar time, around 1906 to 1910, well known writers including H. G. Wells and William James foresaw
the coming of WW I.

They wrote about the threat. For example, Wells, in "The Days of the Comet (1906)," both wrote about utopian dreams (think Obama) and the threat of Germany, Ironclad battleships off the coast of England (think McCain).

Perhaps we can grab hold of a genre that speaks more generally than those famous people spoke to. That is, let's speak to those who are electing the next President!

Since Wells and James, E. O. Wilson (famous Harvard Biologist) has written "Consilience (1999)" and based on new genetic research, Wilson shows how there is a flow from genes into culture and from culture back into genes, over many generations.

And this flow is centrally a tribal, war-related set of instincts and behaviors. Men and women are epigenetically predisposed to electing the warrior times such as these.

What are these times? Massive debt. Can we have a war to get around that? Oil depletion. Can we have a war to get more oil? And, a form of crass globalization that undermines this country's ability to see and perceive sustainable living.

So. Here is the rough draft of a script that hopefully opens the eyes of various generations to the problems
and the possibilities before us in the next few months.

Placed at YouTube:


All of the text, comic panels, and illustrations (with panels) are in the Public Domain and may be freely used in any publication.  Our Center is a 501(c) charitable nonprofit.  The contents of this page, all associated illustrations and artwork were created out of the humane abhorence of war.  While references are made to political figures, they are done in a non-partisan way, simply educating the reader about the association of these figures with both war, and with the possible futures of the planet.

Characters for the illustrations harken back to Greek Mythology.  Such mythology created Gods and Goddesses that embedded human nature as we have come to know it through the biology of epigenetics


o a heroic characters who don't want war: Apollo and Artemis (Diana)
o a heroic character who wants war: Atlas
o a McCain-like elder: Zeus
o an Obama-like visionary: Daedalus
o an oracle -- someone who prophesies the future (of mankind): Apollo's Muse

Comic Panels of Stephanie McMillan, number 1 to 20 in correspondence with their appearance in the video.

The plain comic strips are of the form http://www.elearningspace.org/nn.jpg where nn is the panel number.  The strip combined Milliken's artwork are of the form http://www.elearningspace.org/nn-r.jpg (Notice: examples, these link to nothing.)

Due to the pixel resolution of YouTube, the combined panels and artwork becomes unreadable.  So, we have both versions of the panels, with and without art via the web site.  We are still experimenting with how to sequence the two versions within in the video.

A single page collage of all 19 pages comic strip/art work is also available.

Another YouTube presentation combines the comic strips with glimpses of the strips embedded in Milliken's artwork (and by use of the space bar, the presentation can be appropriately paused for better viewing):


P. 01

"Millennials will be our heroes" ( with Milliken backdrape Art)
Picture: Millennials marching to War vs. Heroic Teams for the Planet
Source: Strauss & Howe ("Fourth Turning;" "Millennials Rising")

P. 02

"The Wonders of War: Heroism, Patriotism, Nationalism, Discipline,
and Bleeding Hearts"
( with Milliken backdrape Art)
Picture: Raising the Flag at Iwo Jima; McCain in a Cage;
Hitler addressing German Youth

P. 03

"Mankind is in a Race Between Education and Catastrophe" ( with Milliken backdrape Art)
Picture: Millennials in teams, working the Net; atom bomb
cloud in the background
Source: H. G. Wells, "Outline of History" (only in 1st edition,

"We are in a race between cooperation and catastrophe ...
and the threats are outrunning the response."

Source: Former U.S. Senator Sam Nunn
Leading nuclear nonproliferation expert
National Geographic Magazine, Oct. 2008, Volume 214, number 4.

P. 04

"World War I: The War to End All Wars" ( with Milliken backdrape Art)
Picture: Troops in Flander's Fields; mustard gas; heros
on barb wire
Source: H. G. Wells, various citations

P. 05

"Millennials (b. 1982-2002?)" respect prior Generations; especially
Boomers (b. 1943-1960) for their messages of Peace and Love; the
"Silent Generation (b. 1925-1942) for their sense of civic
( with Milliken backdrape Art)
Picture: Millennials in Teams; Boomers at a Love Fest; McCain's
USC Commencement Speech, 5/19/2004.

"You might think that I'm now going to advise you not to be afraid to
fail," he said. "I'm not. Be afraid ... failing stinks. Just don't be
undone by it. Failure is no more a permanent condition than is success."

The senator encouraged graduates to not "let the sensation of fear
convince you that you're too weak for courage. Fear is the opportunity
for courage, not proof of cowardice."

Source: Strauss & Howe, ibid

P. 06

"Dare to be Human or Destined to be Just an Animal?" ( with Milliken backdrape Art)

Picture: Clip, Devo, "Are we not men?" "We are Devo."
Half man beasts of "Island of Dr. Moreau" (H. G. Wells)

P. 07

"Tribalism, Patriotism, and Drawn to the Warror like
Moths to a Flame"
( with Milliken backdrape Art)

Picture: Millennial boy-girl couple hand-in-hand; both
looking toward a flaming hillside; moths everywhere

Source: "Wells, First and Last Things;" E. O. Wilson,
"Consilience: The Unity of Knowledge"

P. 08

More tribalism ( with Milliken backdrape Art)

Picture: naked, shivering homo sapiens gathered around
a camp fire; in a storm; with McCain, folded arms, looking

P. 09

"Genes, Culture, or Epigenetics?" Are we all trapped to
inevitably War?
( with Milliken backdrape Art)

Picture: various, throughout time; various challenges --
invasions, climate/environmental change -- hardening the
culture; hardening the genes to fight or flee

Source: E. O. Wilson, ibid


"Dare to be Human or Destined to be Just an Animal?"
"Millennial Heroism"

Picture: a Sustainable Planet v. Invading Persia

P. 11

"I want my Oil; my Cars; my American Way of Life; and
Nobody telling me my own business"
( with Milliken backdrape Art)

Picture: Relative consumption of resources per capita;
hulking vehicle, hulking grill, dual exhaust, growling;
one family house; grass (chemicals, fertilizer); backyard
hulking Weber gas grill

P. 12

"The Moral Equivalent of War" Clips from Henry James
1910 article
( with Milliken backdrape Art)
Picture: to match clips
Source: James, ibid.

P. 13

"Don't Fence me In" "Coming to America: Quest for Paradise" ( with Milliken backdrape Art)

Picture: Indian Reservations, Wild Wild West, Highways everywhere,
clogged with cars, tiny gas gages -- all at empty

Source: Sanford, "The Quest for Paradise"


"Mommy? Where did I come from" ( with Milliken backdrape Art)

Picture: Lucy (of Africa) Walking Upright
Source: Studies of the "first homo sapien woman"


"Dare to be Human or Destined to be Just an Animal?"
"Is there more to Life than Greed, Power, and Sex?"
( with Milliken backdrape Art)

Picture: Rappers and booties; Britney Spears; Partying

16. "Inte-what? What Good is an Intellect Anyway?"
"Millennials can heroically Restore the Intellect and
Civic World Standing of the US."
( with Milliken backdrape Art)

Pictures: crude arrogant scene; Enterprising Millennial,
using his/her intelligence to succeed

Source: Ed Roberts, Boston Globe, 'every millennial is
an entrepreneur'

P. 17

"Shepard Thy Brother?" "Millennials Heroically Ask their
Fellow Brothers, 'What are you doing to Help in our Mutual
Quest for this Country; for this Planet?"
( with Milliken backdrape Art)

P. 18

"Dare to be Human or Destined to be Just an Animal?"
"The Decimation of the Family and Public Life?"
( with Milliken backdrape Art)

Picture: house cut-away, each parent and child, glued
to TV/Music/Internet/Ipod. Outside, everyone with earbuds,
staring at the ground, never seeing each other. Saying

P. 19

"It will Truly Take Bravery, Heroics, Patriotism, Courage,
and Appeal to Civic Duty to fix things"
( with Milliken backdrape Art)
Picture: Whole way of American Life sliding off a cliff,
McCain like Hercules, Shouldering the Weight; Millennials
Building Many Bridges to the Glowing Future

P. 20

"Or Obama"
( with Milliken backdrape Art)

Picture: Millennials, looking sharp, designing the Planet's
Future, with Obama's image looking on

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